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“Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.”

– "You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. (via cutely-perverted)

It started with a term
a phrase used;
to shame girls for the sake of wounded men
who felt that being polite
and giving her “special attention”
meant she would have to say yes
towards any other moves he tried to make

It started with a slur
offensive words implied;
when girls would get called a tease
and spoken about in the downgrading way
- “yeah, she was cool, until she strung him along” -
because apparently not liking a boy
labels you as a cold hearted bitch

It started with a joke
something to explain;
where rape culture was made fun of
then girls were told to pull down their skirts
and button up their tops
because it’s easier to control the naive
than to stomp on the men who sexualise their style

It started with a soon to be constant issue
a word that proves to baffle most;
the word no
[non, halt, nao]
was pushed aside with comments such as
“but did you see what she was wearing?”
“did you see how much she drank?”
because apparently in this world and age
my dignity is measured by the length of my dress hem

It continued as a threat
a safety issue;
where my parents became uncomfortable
to let me out late on a weekend
or let me out running in a sports bra
because it isn’t me that can’t defend myself
but the known fact that I could be taken advantage of
purely because of how I chose to dress

It continued as an insult
and victim blaming to follow;
when in August, 2012
students attending a party one night
filmed and uploaded the assault of a young girl
because the content on their blogs
was far more important than the damage inflicted

It continued as a spine thrilling horror story
the gun shots still an echo;
when Elliot Rogers put a bullet in his skull
after killing seven girls in a Santa Barbara sorority
because getting shut down in his proposal for sex
was not a good enough answer
as he posted his video, and smiled at the camera
the cries of outrage and loss
hushed up with the claims of mental illness
and “she should have just said yes”

It continued for actresses
the well known and the new;
pushed behind the shadows of their male co-stars
the only asked questions regarding their diets and weight
as if their appearance on screen
was more important than the character they were portraying

It will keep going, however
until women and girls
of any age, race or sexuality
are shown the respect we deserve from men

It will keep going
until songs like blurred lines
which encourage rape and unrealistic standards of sex
stop being played on MTV
where our youth can see and learn
just exactly how to demoralise us

It will keep going
because even though we are supposedly living in a world
where we are all equals and the same,
pregnant women are fired
or denied basic rights that come with carrying a child
because they are seen as a minority
for daring to carry around a drink bottle

It will keep going
until ,en stop being squeamish
at the words tampon and menstrual cycle
and stop using the phrase
“are you on your period, or something?”
when a women acts like one of them

It will keep going
until the stereo types that belittle us
such as ‘kitchen bitch’ and ‘house wife’ are abolished
until middle aged men stop undermining the prospect
of a female in power
as if running a country is so hard for us
compared to running after you

Because it started with a term
a phrase used;
which made men feel superior in their advances towards women
where they choose to flirt by using moral etiquette
and believe that they are worth so much more than they are to us girls
‘that a queen without a king, is still a queen’

Because the phrase will continue to be used
thrown around as lyrics or passages in a story
the ‘friend zone’
made out as a ground shaking phenomenon
to make women weep at a mans foot
because he uses his hurt ego and her yet to be wounded heart
to lure her back in
when in reality,
the ‘friend zone’ is a flighting grasp
at the power men believe they have
because of the size of their biceps
or how many times they make us laugh
thinking we can be bought
like the gifts the give us out of “the good of their hearts”

But here’s the thing:

The ‘friend zone’ is a place
no man will leave
until he can grow up and realise
I can buy my own damn chocolate;

I do not need him to do it for me

– basically all of my thoughts regarding the friend zone, and why I chose to risk my english grade because of it (via chirsargent)

“You’re so pretty.
You’re adorable.
You’re beautiful.
You’re my beautiful little girl.
Sweet little lady.
Careful! Don’t get hurt!
Play nicely.
Don’t get dirty.
Stop that.
Be more ladylike.
Don’t eat too much.
Girls are duuumb!
Girls have cooties.
No girls allowed.
Hahahahaha! You have boobs!
Look at her boobs!
Ewwwww. Periods are disgusting.
You’re disgusting.
That’s gross.
Hahahahaha! You’ve got your period.
Let me touch them!
I want to touch them!
You’re gross.
Let me touch it.
I only want to touch it.
She’s a slut.
You slut.
Show me your tits.
Get ‘em out!
You want it.
Take it.
Have it.
Swallow it.
Stupid bitch.
Fat bitch.
You’re not quite right for this.
I’m not sure you can do it.
I just want to fuck you.
Come on, you want it.
You’re not confident enough.
You need more experience.
No one will take you seriously.
You’re too emotional.
It’s just a joke.
Lighten up.
I don’t care what you think.
I just want to fuck you.
Don’t wear that.
You’re getting fat.
You’re too messy.
Come on, it was a joke.
Don’t be such an idiot.
Why are you so tired?
If I’m honest, I’m not really interested.
You do it.
I’m busy.
I can’t I’m working.
You wake up with it.
You take care of it.
You’re messy.
I’m too busy, you do it.
You need to lose weight.
You don’t spend enough time with me.
You aren’t interesting.
You’re boring.
Really, I’m not interested in that.
You’re looking a bit tired.
You should take care of yourself more.
You should take care of me.
You’re looking a bit old.
You’re old.

Female Socialisation by Gia Milinovich  (via kingkroole)


She pointed out the sexism in video games, so men threatened her until she fled her home

On Monday, Anita Sarkeesian posted a segment titled “Women as Background Decoration.” It examined how gratuitous sexual abuse and violence permeates contemporary video games. By the next day, she had received so many violent threats that she had to flee her home. And these weren’t idle Internet threats — some contained accurate identifying information about Sarkeesian’s home and family, enough for law enforcement to get involved.

But she’s not wrong | Follow @micdotcom


"talking about sexism or racism on Tumblr doesn’t solve anything"

really? because I am absolutely certain that I am a better, less bigoted person than I was a few years ago and that is most certainly due to the people I met and things I read on Tumblr

perhaps it doesn’t do anything for the worst of the worst but there are still plenty of people who do learn from impassioned Tumblr posts